Colorado initiative approved for ballot

December 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Atlee Breland in Colorado | Legislation

Yesterday, the Colorado personhood initiative was approved by the Colorado Secretary of State, which concluded that the proposed initiative met single-subject requirements.

Opponents of the Colorado initiative intend to ask the Title Board to reconsider its decision. However, if the Title Board does not do so, the initiative will be cleared to begin gathering signatures.

We’ll be addressing the language of this initiative more clearly in the coming days. For now, we’ll simply say that we believe the wording of this initiative is highly deceptive to voters, and that it will still create the same legal and medical problems that all other personhood measures would do.

As Gualberto Garcia Jones of Personhood USA notes, “It’s not that we’ve changed our position. We’re just putting it in the language.” Considering that Personhood USA and its members are on record opposing IUDs, birth control pills, and all common IVF procedures, we must assume that their new language isn’t actually intended to protect any of these things.

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