Author of Mississippi personhood bills reveals IVF intentions

March 5th, 2012 | Posted by Atlee Breland in Legislation | Mississippi

Mississippi Rep. Andy Gipson is sponsoring not one but two personhood bills in the Legislature this year: HC-61 and HC-80.

Both bills claim to have exemptions to protect IVF and birth control, and Rep. Gipson has stated publicly that he has no intention of preventing families from using IVF. However, Rep. Gipson’s other sponsored legislation tells a different story.

This session, Rep. Gipson is sponsoring HB-1114, which calls itself the “Embryo Adoption and Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act”. This bill requires that doctors attempt to fertilize no more than two eggs, a measure which would effectively end IVF in Mississippi.

HB-1114 would prevent doctors from cryopreserving embryos for future cycles, because of the substantial risk of damage to the embryo from the cryopresevation process. Not only would that dramatically affect success rates, but it also threatens IVF patients’ health.

Mississippi doctors cannot continue to offer IVF to patients under the restrictions imposed by HB-1114. Families will be forced to seek medical treatment in other states or even other countries.

The doctors, nurses, and medical organizations who treat infertility, and who understand the medical issues involved, know that personhood raises grave concerns for their ability to practice medicine. They know that bills like HB-1114 would prevent them from helping patients build their families through medical treatment.

When you hear that bills like HC-80 “wouldn’t stop IVF”, ask yourself if you know the whole story. Ask yourself if those bills might still impose incredibly severe restrictions that would prevent doctors from treating infertility according to the current medical standards of care. And ask any infertility specialist whether he or she would be able to practice medicine in the face of these laws.

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