VP nominee Paul Ryan is personhood advocate

August 11th, 2012 | Posted by Atlee Breland in Legislation

Today, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he has selected Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate. Unfortunately, Rep. Ryan is a well-known supporter of personhood.

In 2011, Rep. Ryan co-sponsored HR 212, the “Sanctity of Human Life Act”, whose text specifies that “all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood” apply to embryos beginning at fertilization.

In an article on his congressional website, Rep. Ryan reiterates his support for personhood:

Now, after America has won the last century‚Äôs hard-fought struggles against unequal human rights in the forms of totalitarianism abroad and segregation at home, I cannot believe any official or citizen can still defend the notion that an unborn human being has no rights that an older person is bound to respect. I do know that we cannot go on forever feigning agnosticism about who is human… Conservatives can bridge the gap on issues of life and choice by building on the solid rock of natural rights, which belong, not just to some, but to all human beings.

From a personhood perspective, the Ryan pick is a curious choice for Mitt Romney. Romney’s past statements on personhood have been somewhat inconsistent, and he was one of only two GOP candidates who refused to sign the Personhood USA Pledge or appear at their candidate forums.

By choosing a personhood advocate as his vice-presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is supporting a philosophy which would deny infertile couples the right to build their families through medical care — the same rright employed by Romney’s own children. Romney has grandchildren thanks to IVF with gestational surrogacy, which would become unavailable if his running mate’s bill were to pass.

The Ryan selection is also perhaps an unwise move for a GOP candidate who hopes to win swing state Colorado, where congressional candidates are busily disavowing their past support for personhood. Recent Colorado polling results on personhood indicate that not only is personhood projected to lose by a heavy margin, but that voters are ready to punish candidates who support it.

While we don’t take positions on party politics, we strongly oppose the choice of personhood advocate Paul Ryan as the GOP nominee.

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2 Responses

  • If there was any doubt about whether a rational person could vote for Romney, it has been removed.

    The republican party has been taken over by theocratic extremists.

    The democrat party, on the other hand, was taken over by radical socialists or communists whose figurehead, now occupying the oval office, is a citizen of Kenya not even eligible to be POTUS.

    The rational US voter is given no candidate worthy of a vote.

    Is there no sanity left anywhere?

  • maxwood says:

    Without pretending to be a trusted partisan of either side of this dispute, I venture to suggest that personhood surely exists from maternal puberty, i.e. is an attribute of every ovum– thus if there is fetal personhood there is also oval– or ovoid?– personhood. On the other hand, it would appear God hasn’t made any provision, or issued any directive to assure that every one of the over 20,000 eggs in each young adult human female will receive either Divine or human fertilization, or failing that, survive beyond menopause.

    @Constitutiojalist: if you’re looking for a really Substantive Issue to vote on, consider the yearly death of 6,000,000 large 100+-pound human adult persons yearly from hot burning monoxide $igarette poisoning. (That’s 300,000 TONS of personhood.) The Republicans are in bed with Big 2WackGo. Hold nose, vote Barry, and press him to appoint Romney to do what Mormons do well, suppress $igarette smoking, as Czar of a US-led Worldwide Campaign to Extinguish oops sorry Exterminate Tobaccolosis.