As of 2014, personhood supporters are making their fourth attempt to pass personhood in Colorado. Amendment 67 will appear on the ballot in November 2014, after organizers collected over 140,000 signatures. The measure asks whether the Colorado Constitution should be amended to state that “The words ‘person’ and ‘child’ in the Colorado Criminal Code and the Colorado Wrongful Death Act must include unborn human beings.”

By expanding Colorado criminal statutes to cover embryos and fetuses, Amendment 67 would threaten infertility treatment, care for pregnancy complications, and birth control. Doctors who perform IVF could potentially be prosecuted for wrongful death of any embryos which do not survive the IVF process (as is the case for most embryos). The measure has no exceptions to cover pregnancy terminations for medical issues or birth control methods such as IUDs which could potentially harm fertilized eggs.

For more information on Amendment 67′s wording, requirements, and history, please see our Amendment 67 Main Page or our our 2013 Colorado entry.

Previous Colorado initiative efforts reached the ballot in 2010 and 2008, and were defeated by more than 70%. However, a 2012 attempt fell short of its signature goals and did not appear on the ballot.

Personhood became a major issue in the 2014 US Senate race between Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall and Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. Gardner advocated for personhood in 2008 and 2010 but publicly reversed his position in 2014, stating that he had not realized personhood would affect contraception and could not support any measure which bans birth control.

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